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Serving as a Fiduciary agent to our clients Cosmoj acts on behalf of our clients’, we commit to preserving good faith and trust in our clients’ best interest(s) regarding their medical expense savings and investments, a Payer to our clientsCosmoj has the ability to pay for an administered health service for a client. The client must have the monetary funds available in their Cosmoj account, to be deducted for health service payment(s).,  & a E-commerce platform to our clients Cosmoj has contracted with various health related companies in efforts to offer clients discounted health products. Clients now have the ability to shop via “The Queue” to purchase such products and services.

What Makes Cosmoj Different From Traditional HSA Companies

Unlike traditional Health Savings Accounts, Cosmoj allows clients to save &/or invest in ALL medical expenses. Clients have the ability to save/invest for medically necessary interventions, procedures, and provider visits as well as medical interventions deemed “non-necessary”.

Health Insurance
Cosmoj Plan
Ultimate Readiness For All Medical Expenses​

Luxury Medical Expenses To Invest In

Cosmoj Investment Plans


Cash Management Plans

Cosmoj will collect and manage clients’ accrued savings. Clients can select the fixed dollar amount that will be withdrawn from their account monthly; going towards their medical savings. Please go to the Cash Management Plans page for more information.


Employer Expenditure

Employers can now offer their employees Cosmoj plans! Employers have three EE plan options to select from. Please go to the Employer Expenditure page for more information.


Investment Products

Cosmoj offers digital currency options for clients to select from. Clients have various crypto-coin options to select from.

How It Works

An individual enrolls in one of the listed Cosmoj plans

An individual enrolls under a Cosmoj plan. In doing so the individual authorizes Cosmoj to withdrawal a fixed monetary amount from their bank account on a re-occurring monthly basis to go towards their medical expense savings/investments.

Let your savings/investment(s) accrue

The plan member’s savings/investments will accrue from monthly deposits as well as Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

Pay for medical expenses at ease

Cosmoj members will then be able to pay for their medical expenses by either requesting their health expense be billed to their Cosmoj plan, purchasing health products via “The Queue”, or requesting reimbursement for a previous medical expense

The Highest Standard Of Trust

Cosmoj prides ourselves on being inclusive to all medical expense needs and wants.


What Our Loving
Clients Saying

When I first heard about Cosmoj and it’s benefits, I didn’t believe the hype. Now being a Cosmoj client, I am more than content with their services. I literally split my cash management savings in half; for my preventative medicine visits and for my cosmetic/aesthetic procedures! 



11 Nov

With our Cosmoj plan, my wife and I have been able to save/invest for her infertility treatments. I proudly can say, we are expecting our first child this June!



02 jan

I’m a holistic medicine guru. Unfortunately, I pay out of pocket for most provider visits and treatments. Cosmoj has helped  me invest for my holistic medical expenses. 



29 Mar

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