Our Beginning

Cosmoj was founded by a Pharmacy Program Manager specializing in 340B. Appreciating the cost-saving and operational improvement nature of 340B, she sought to apply such strategies to other areas in healthcare. Specifically, elective areas in healthcare that are infamous for out of pocket fees.
Elective medical treatments are a luxury. With that being said, Cosmoj offers luxury investment & savings options to those who are financially ready and capable of indulging in the  trendiest medical regimens. Cosmoj’s sole envision is to financially prep each client in their medical expense endeavors. 
Whether that means saving up for a cosmetic treatment you’ve always dreamed of having or being able to shift from a Western medical approach to Holistic and Homeopathic alternatives, Cosmoj’s clients will be financially prepared & confident!

Financial Institution Comparison

Why Choose Us

Make Sure You're In The Right Hands

Sometimes what you pay for is what you get. Make sure the best medical team is working on your behalf. So start investing with us!

Range of Cost Saving Services Provided

Clients have the ability to start investing for specific medical expenses that are paid for out of pocket.

We Want To Help

You should be able to afford elective healthcare treatments. Regardless to what it may be. Cosmoj wants to help!

You Deserve It

You deserve to treat yourself. Without worrying about medical costs. Let’s indulge!