Employer Expenditure

Benefits of Cosmoj’s Employer Expenditure

Cosmoj offers employers amazing benefits towards out of pocket medical expenses for their employees. An appreciated work culture, thrives.

Employer Expenditure

  • Employers can glamourize their current employee benefits structure with our luxury medical expense investment plans 
  • Per tier plan selected, employers have the ability to curtail their employees’ compensation to fit their business budget (tier information provided below) 
  • Cosmoj offers portal access to both employers and employees to view their accrued savings, and to read & comment on daily topics and discussions
  • Last but not least, company participation in FREE GIVEAWAYS!

Cosmoj offers three tiers for employers to select from;

Tier I. The employer includes our luxury medical expense investments & service in all employees’ compensation packages.

Tier II. Cosmoj offers luxury medical expense investments and service to participating employees under the organization.

Tier III. An integrated approach; both the employer & employee contribute to the employee’s luxury medical expense investment & service package.